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Male Hair Loss – Profollica

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Profollica – Overview

official profollica websiteAnyone who’s spent any time looking into male pattern baldness has almost surely heard of Profollica. Manufactured by Leading Edge Herbals, Profollica is generally considered the ‘gold standard’ of male hair loss treatments as this product has been around for several years and is generally considered the leader in natural male hair treatments.

For many years, men had only ONE choice for lowering their DHT levels: prescription drugs like Propecia and Minoxidil. However, studies are now showing that as many as 18% of men who use prescription drugs to treat hair loss suffer long-term, irreversible sexual side effects.

ProFollica is a safe and all natural formula that works for both men and women. Prescription free, there are absolutely no side effects. The main ingredients are extremely effective in blocking DHT, increase blood circulation and re-vitalize hair follicles. The cost for a one month supply of Profollica is $59.95, but that price drops substantially if you order a 3 or 6-month supply.

Profollica Product Information

ProFollica uses a three part strategy for giving your hair follicles the best chances for hair recovery.

These parts include a shampoo, a gel, and a nutritional supplement.

Shampoo: The shampoo produces a cleansing foam, reducing hair and scalp dryness and helps restore bounce and texture.

Activator Gel: The activator gel stimulates new hair growth for both men and women. The gel revitalizes hair follicles, getting hair back into the growing phase.

Nutritional Supplement: The pills provide essential nutrients to properly nourish the hair. It contains more than 2 dozen vitamins, minerals and amino acides critical to the health of human hair follicles.

Profollica Ingredients

The Profollica ingredients consist of more than 2 dozen nutritional vitamins and minerals along with amino acids. The 3 fold program of profollica is very efficient with an herbal shampoo for daily use; activator gel for applying topically and oral dietary complement to be consumed every day.

When you put an finish to the DHT factors via a natural and herbal way, the prospects of rejuvenation of hair follicles is more, with out unwanted side effects. Collectively they build a powerful team to combat in opposition to hair loss. The makers recommend using it daily.

Profollica Guarantee

Profollica has an iron-clad money back guarantee for a full 60 days from date of purchase (less shipping and handling). This guarantee is good on any size order – so you can enjoy the savings of the discounted package prices, and still be fully covered on your entire purchase price if you’re not happy with the product. We are not aware of any instances of Profollica failing to honor their money back guarantee.


Positives of Profollicashop online for profollica now

  • * Profollica is clinically proven to work
  • * Endorsed by several doctors and specialists
  • * Product ingredients are listed on website
  • * Excellent reputation and customer service
  • * Money-back guarantee
  • * Customer testimonials provided
  • * No reported side effects or drug interactions
  • * Secure order page
  • * Discount pricing on larger orders
  • * Made in FDA approved labs
  • * Several shipping options available


Negatives of Profollica

  • * Somewhat expensive if only ordering 1-month supply

Profollica – Conclusion

As you can see from the information above, there are many positives about Profollica and surprisingly few negatives. While we don’t often review hair loss products this highly, Profollica is a notable exception due to the fact that this is such a high quality product and the reputation of the company is so rock-solid. Having been in business for several years – when most companies have been around for only a year or two – has definitely given Profollica a big head start in the industry.

Obviously the folks at Profollica realize that the way to ensure a solid company for the future is by offering clients a top quality product that does what it says. If you’re thinking of taking the plunge and trying a natural hair loss remedy, Profollica should absolutely be on your short list of products – and most likely should be at the very top.


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