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Performer5 Testimonials

Below areactual customer testimonials for Performer5:

performer5 customer testimonial image“My ejaculation volumes have gone through the roof and it is all thanks to Performer 5.

I cannot remember every coming so much. Not even when I was celibate for 6 months – and I mean celibate – nothing can compare to the power or the force this simple pill has endowed me with.”

– Russel Holland, Ohio – USA

“My girlfriend always used to complain that she could never feel me ejaculate, but no more… Since taking Performer 5 four months ago my ejaculate shoots more powerfully and forcibly, and even my erections have strengthened.

I can’t thank you guys enough for this dual action system. Who would have thought that consuming more zinc would help me to shoot so far.”

Toby Reynolds, NY – USA

“I started taking Performer 5 two months ago after I found out my girlfriend was faking.

I knew she was only doing it for me to stop me feeling bad, but it was pretty humiliating and distracting as I was always wondering if she was going through the motions. Since taking Performer 5 I am in no doubt that she is fully satisfied.

The power of my ejaculations and penis are better than ever, and our orgasms are simply incredible.

Hugh Milton, London – UK

“I thought my orgasms were pretty intense until I tried Performer 5.

I had no idea how good it could be or how satisfying. Within a week of trying this dual action system my erections were harder, my ejaculate volume had tripled and my sexual appetite was unstoppable.

My wife loves the spice Performer 5 has brought back into our sex life. She can’t get enough of me.”

– Chris Campbell, Boston – USA

“I have got only one word for you ‘Wow’. Not only has Performer 5 helped me to achieve 4 times more ejaculate, but my erections are rock solid and my confidence has risen three-fold.

Our orgasms seem to go on forever and ever, which is great news for me as I can now really appreciate how much my partner is enjoying herself.”

– Phillip Robinson – Australia

“As I have got older, I have suffered more and more from erectile dysfunction. It got so bad at one point that every time I got hard, within minutes I was flaccid again.

As a single man of 39, having to worry about losing your erection around a new partner is soul destroying. Yet after discovering Performer 5 on the web, my erectile dysfunction is more than non-existent.

My erections are harder, my stamina has tripled and I am 100% confident I will remain rock hard from start to finish.”

– Craig Russel, Chicago – USA


performer5 customer testimonials

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