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Gambir Sarawak – Does it Work?

gambir sarawak rated 2 stars out of 5Gambir Sarawak Review

Gambir Sarawak – Overview

gambir sarawak websiteGambir Sarawak capsules are sold through a distributor in Malaysia, and sold through the product website at According to the Gambir Sarawak website, Gambir Sarawak works to help treat premature ejaculation and improve stamina during sex. Gambir Sarawak is actually a hardened piece of tree sap from a plant that originates in Malaysia. When this ‘bark’ – as it’s called- is mixed with water it produces a milky liquid which is said to delay ejaculation when applied to the penis.

Although the product appears similar to something called a Jamaican Stone, the distributor states that it works quite differently and does not numb the penis at all. Instead, they state, the product works to delay the ejaculation reflex, allowing men to last longer and better please their partners. There are no independent medical studies to show that this product is effective in treating premature ejaculation.

Gambir Sarawak is also available in a liquid form, and the website states that “Gambir Sarawak in liquid form is packaged in such a way that facilitates the application of the Gambir Sarawak onto the male private part (penis).” Gambir Sarawak ranges in price from $9 for a single use piece of “small bark” to approx $39 for the large serving or the liquid form.

Gambir Sarawak Product Information

The Gambir Sarawak website only makes a few vague claims about what this product will do, and a few other dubious claims like giving you the “hardest erection you will have in your life.” Unfortunately there is not a lot of evidence or proof offered that Gambir Sarawak will live up to it’s claims.Aside from the questionable effectiveness of Gambir Sarawak, this product is quite inconvenient to use and messy to apply. Gambir Sarawak is available in liquid or bark form, and with the bark you rub it with some water to make a white liquid which is then applied to your “private part.”

Although historically men with premature ejaculation problems had few options for effective products, in recent years much improved premature ejaculation treatments have come along which offer a quick and effective solution to premature ejaculation. While Gambir Sarawak is not the very worst premature ejaculation product we have seen, we feel there are several superior premature ejaculation treatments available for men. 

Gambir Sarawak offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your results. Gambir Sarawak can produce a tingling or burning sensation on your penis and some men may experience discomfort after applying Gambir Sarawak. Discontinue use immediately if you experience pain, discomfort, or a rash after using Gambir Sarawak.

Gambir Sarawak Ingredients

Gambir Sarawak is made from the hardened piece of tree sap from the Gambir plant in Malaysia – this produces a hard mixture similar to the bark of a tree. Gambir Sarawak is also available in liquid form.

Gambir Sarawak Guarantee

Gambir Sarawak has a 100% money back guarantee for 30 days from date of purchase. We have not heard any reports of the company failing to honor it’s guarantee.


shop online for gambir sarawak nowPositives of Gambir Sarawak

  • * Product ingredients are listed on website
  • * 30-day money-back guarantee
  • * Customer testimonials provided
  • * Gambir Sarawak is 100% natural


Negatives of Gambir Sarawak

  • * No clinical evidence that Gambir Sarawak works
  •  * Side effects include burning, tingling or numbing sensations
  • * Product is made in Malaysia in unknown conditions
  • * Messy and complicated to apply
  • * Website/checkout is confusing and hard to navigate
  • * Distributed by an internet marketer with “Get Rich Online” website


Gambir Sarawak – Conclusion

We feel that Gambir Sarawak is lacking in several areas to be considered a top choice for treating premature ejaculation. Our investigation revealed that Gambir Sarawak is distributed from Malaysia by a man called Addy Kho – someone with no medical or research background – but rather an online marketing “guru” with several websites and blogs offering advice on “how to get rich quick”, and how to” make money online.” It would seem that Gambir Sarawak is merely another online get rich quick idea that this gentleman has invented.

Evidence of Gambir Sarawak working is anecdotal at best, and this product is extremely messy and inconvenient to apply. We cannot imagine men actually doing all the necessary steps in order to use this product right before sex. The website even includes an in-depth video on how to use and apply this product. It’s hard to recommend this product when there are certainly superior products readily available.

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