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Sta-Max Plus – Is it a Scam?sta-max package

“Is Sta-Max a complete scam?” This is a question that easily pops to mind when viewing the Sta-Max Plus website. Sta-Max is not one of the better known male enhancers, as this product only came into existence in July 2009. The Sta-Max website claims that Sta-Max will help men increase their sexual stamina and sexual arousal – which is quite unrealistic with this product. The Sta-Max formula contains a mere 4 different herbal ingredients – including Yohimbe. (See Yohimbe warning below)

We have compiled the following report for men wondering if Sta-Max is a scam. We encourage you to check out this Sta-Max review, and if you have tried Sta-Max and would like to send in a Sta-Max testimonial or review of your own, please do so via our contact form below. We would be happy to post any Sta-Max reviews or testimonials from men who have tried this product. We offer the following Sta-Max information and hope it helps you decide whether or not Sta-Max is a scam.

Scam Report Card: Sta-Max


Product: Sta-Max
In Business Since: July 2009
Reputation: None
Doctor Endorsed: No
Money Back Guarantee: Yes – No details on website
Customer Support: Poor
Official Product Website: Yes
Real Customer Testimonials: Unknown
Recurring Billing: Yes
Autoship Program: Yes
Product Safety: Dangerous (Yohimbe)
Anti-Spam Compliant: Unknown
Price: Average
Manufactured in CGMP-Certified Labs: Unknown
Contains Yohimbe: Yes
Projected Customer Satisfaction Rating: <5%

As you can see from the chart above, Sta-Max does not rank highly in any of the categories which help determine if a product is a scam. One of the many concerns regarding Sta-Max pills is their use of Autoship programs and recurring billing.

Most complaints about penis enlargement websites involve unauthorized credit card charges from products using recurring billing or autoship programs. Sta-Max appears to fit right into this category, as the only way you can purchase this product is through their “Introductory Offer” – which automatically enrolls you in their ‘Sta-Max Plus Healthier Sex Club’ program. This is usually the first and easiest sign that a product is a scam. We do have several concerns regarding Sta-Max which are outlined below.

We have been studying Sta-Max pills in depth, and are aware of several problems and concerns regarding this company. Sta-Max has only been in business for less than 2 years and we always caution consumers to be wary of any online product that has not been established for a number of years.

In our opinion, it seems quite obvious that Sta-Max may be a scam designed to get you into their Autoship program, which then usually takes months of effort to cancel. At the very least Sta-Max is an inferior male enhancement product with very few ingredients other than Yohimbe, which can be quite dangerous and the subject of several FDA consumer health warnings. For over a decade we have advised our readers to avoid any products with Yohimbe at all costs. We advise men considering buying Sta-Max to proceed with extreme caution. If you must, it would be wise to buy Sta-Max with a pre-paid credit card to eliminate the risk of recurring billing practices.


Here is the list of the ‘pros’ of Sta-Max:

  • Product has an official website


Here are some of the ‘cons’ of Sta-Max:

  • Sta-Max contains the potentially dangerous herb Yohimbe
  • Not backed by clinical studies
  • No details of money back guarantee on Sta-Max website
  • Many customer testimonials don’t even mention Sta-Max by name and appear fake
  • Unable to buy Sta-Max other than through “Introductory Offer”
  • Sta-Max uses recurring billing and autoship programs
  • Only 500 mg per tablet and only 4 different ingredients in Sta-Max
  • Sta-Max is not doctor endorsed
  • Company makes inaccurate comparisons to Enzyte, Extenze, Stamina-Rx, and Zencore
  • No free shipping with Sta-Max no matter the order size

 Sta-Max – Side Effects

The Sta-Max formula includes Yohimbe extract which may have potentially serious side effects and/or interactions with other medications or conditions. If you have high blood pressure or any other medical condition, consult your doctor before using Sta-Max. There are several FDA warnings regarding Yohimbe and supplements which contain this herb.

We think you’ll agree from the ‘pros and cons’ list above that there isn’t very much to like about Sta-Max or the company behind this product. We have studied and reviewed Sta-Max in depth and in our opinion Sta-Max is a low quality product and it seems likely that this product may be a complete scam. We recommend you stick to trusted products with real clinical studies, actual doctor endorsements, and a proven track record of results and safety.

We would be quite confident in betting that this product will not be around for long. Save your money for a product that will give you great results and comes with a money back guarantee.

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