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Male Enhancement Pills – How they work.

how male enhancement pills workIt’s impossible to use a “one size fits all” explanation when describing how male enhancement products work. This is because there are literally hundreds of herbal male enhancement products on the market. Most have different ingredients, and many of them target different aspects of sexual performance or function. We aim to help clear up many of the misconceptions regarding natural male enhancers and explain in simple terms how enhancement pills work.

Most male enhancement products focus on increasing erection size and improving erectile funtion. Their goal is to provide harder, longer lasting erections and increase sexual stamina and enhance libido. One of the keys to improving erectile function and fighting impotency revolves around providing increased blood flow and improved circulation to not only the penis – but to all the organs involved in sexual function.

Drugs like Viagra and Cialis work because they improve blood flow to the penis and this helps facilitate better erections in men who have problems keeping or attaining an erection. Natural male enhancers work on this same principal, but go about it in a different way. Drugs like Viagra contain ingredients (Viagra uses Sildenafil citrate) which promote smooth muscle relaxation (vasodilation) of the corpus cavernosum in the penis, which increases blood flow to the penis and helps promote an erection.

Natural enhancers work in a similar fashion, however they use natural herbs like L-Arginine, Ginkgo, Cayenne, Hawthorn berries, and others which are known to increase circulation and improve blood flow throughout the body. Other important herbs for sexual function include Tribulus, Epimedium, Ginseng, Saw Palmetto, Muira Puama, Damiana, and Catuaba bark. To obtain the best results when using a natural male enhancement supplement, it’s important to use a product that contains as many of these types of ingredients as possible.

One disadvantage of prescription drugs like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra is that they only address one aspect of male sexuality which is attaining an erection. They help to dilate blood vessels and promote stronger erections, but they do nothing to help other sexual problems like premature ejaculation, low semen production, weak ejaculation, or low libido problems. In addition they will do nothing to increase sexual pleasure, sensation, sexual stamina, libido or desire.

This is one area where natural male enhancers have a clear advantage. Due to the wide variety of herbal sexual enhancers with different ingredients, there are products which will help several other aspects of male sexuality including:

  1. Semen volume and sperm production
  2. Premature ejaculation
  3. Increase penile girth
  4. Orgasm intensity
  5. Ejaculation volume
  6. Peyronie’s Disease
  7. Improving Libido
  8. Sexual Stamina

Another area where herbal sexual enhancers come out on top is in product safety and side effects. Drugs like Viagra often have strong side effects and in rare cases can even cause permanent blindness. While this is quite rare – other serious and uncomfortable side effects can be quite common and can include headache, flushing, dyspepsia, nasal congestion, blurred vision, and diahrea. Rare but serious adverse effects include priapism, hypotension, myocardial infarction (heart attack), ventricular arrhythmias, stroke, intraocular pressure, and sudden hearing loss. As a result of this, in October 2007 the FDA announced that the labelling of PDE5 inhibitors including Sildenafil required a more prominent warning of the potential risk of sudden hearing loss.

Due to the many side effects and drug interactions which can occur with ED drugs, many men choose to use natural male enhancers which come without major side effects and are generally considered much safer to use. The good news is that men don’t need to sacrifice results for safety when using natural enhancement products. Many of the leading herbal enhancers work as well or better than their prescription counterparts.

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