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    One of the common problems of industrial washing machines is that the water in washing machines is not smooth

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    Industrial washing machine often encountered a problem is: washing machine water is not smooth, there will be no water or water does not stop, when encountered these problems how to solve? We give the following solutions. 1. Check whether the drain valve of the industrial washing machine is blocked by dirt, which may cause the water inflow of the industrial washing machine is not smooth. Solution: clean the dirt inside the drain valve in time. 2. Check whether the computer board is damaged or aged. Solution: replace the new computer board or re adjust the computer program. When the washing machine does not water: check whether the water inlet valve filter screen is blocked and whether the water inlet valve is damaged? After confirming that they are in good condition, measure the voltage of 220 V at both ends of the solenoid valve with the AC voltage block of the multimeter, proving that the fault is in the solenoid valve itself. When measuring the resistance of solenoid valve coil with resistance block, the normal value should be 4.5 ~ 5.1k &amp; and the measured resistance value is infinite, which indicates that the coil of solenoid valve is burnt out, replace the water inlet valve and remove the fault. Industrial washing machine water inflow: the water inflow of the washing machine has reached the rated water level, and the water inlet solenoid valve still does not stop. In this case, the water level pressure switch is damaged, which can be judged by blowing pressure method. Cut off the power supply; remove the water level switch, blow air to the pressure switch through the return pipe, and measure the resistance between the two terminals of the water level switch with a multimeter. When blowing, the resistance should tend to zero, and when not blowing, the resistance value should be greater than 10k &amp; after inspection, the measured resistance value of the machine is always very large, and the action sound of the contact in the water level switch can not be heard, which indicates that the water level pressure switch is faulty. After replacing the water level pressure switch, the fault was eliminated. Fault location of drainage failure: drain valve is blocked; electromagnet coil is open circuit; program controller has no signal output. The above is what we give you to the industrial washing machine water is not unobstructed.

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