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    Energy saving and water saving of industrial washing machine

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    Core tip: the recently issued "the Ministry of industry and information technology on accelerating the transformation and upgrading of China's electrical appliance industry" mentioned that washing machines should develop fully automatic products with clean degree, good energy and water saving effect and low noise. What is the status quo of energy-saving technology and energy-saving products in China's washing machine industry? How to improve the product cleanliness performance? How will the frequency conversion washing machine market develop in the future? This topic mainly interprets and analyzes the product structure of mainstream enterprises from the above aspects, so as to promote the industrial upgrading of the whole industry.

    Energy saving and water saving technology becomes product competitiveness

    With the prominent problem of product homogeneity and the increasingly fierce market competition, many home appliance manufacturers realize that only by establishing the core competitiveness on energy-saving and water-saving technologies and product development investment, can they seek market breakthroughs and realize the sustainable development of enterprises.

    Matsushita: limited precipitation and consumption reduction

    Ideas for life is a concept that Panasonic has been adhering to for a long time. Panasonic washing machine is also sparing no effort in energy conservation and emission reduction. It can provide consumers with comfortable life and reduce water consumption and power consumption. For example, wave wheel frequency conversion washing and drying machine, drum frequency conversion alpha series, drum frequency conversion three-dimensional washing series products all adopt frequency conversion direct drive motor, which greatly improves the precision and stability of motor in controlling washing and dehydration operation, so as to make ultra-low silent washing, low water level circulation, efficient water saving and large-scale power saving become possible.

    Siemens: always pay attention to energy conservation and environmental protection

    Siemens electrical appliances has always been concerned about energy conservation and environmental protection, committed to the development of green technology and green products. In the second half of 2009, Siemens Home Appliances launched the 3D air condensing washing and drying machine. It uses Siemens 3D air condensation technology to condense the ubiquitous air, ending the traditional water condensation era. Each washing saves 30-90 liters of water than the traditional dryer, greatly improving the drying efficiency.

    Comprehensive enhancement of product cleaning performance

    Washing ratio is an index to judge the washing effect of washing machine. Through consumer research, it is found that the washing ratio has always been ranked among the consumers who buy washing machines. Therefore, over the years, washing machine enterprises have been focusing on how to better improve the cleanliness of washing machines, and constantly create washing technologies to meet the needs of consumers for washing clothes.

    Aiming at the problem that clothes can not be thoroughly washed and washing powder in daily life, the Panasonic foam washing machine adds detergent to the special device foam generator, which makes the washing powder fully dissolved and quickly transforms into a micro foam washing liquid, which is wrapped in clothes, deep into the fiber and clean dirt. The national household electrical appliances quality supervision and inspection center provides the test report, the foam washing machine washing rate has increased by 40.

    Hisense Kelon, the main player in washout

    Hisense washing machines have made continuous breakthroughs in improving the washing performance of products. Hisense launched the rotary cube series wave wheel washing machine in 2010, which has three international leading technologies, namely, rotary cube non winding technology, three-dimensional three-dimensional water flow technology and rotary cube cleaning technology, to comprehensively improve the washing performance of washing machines.

    With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, drum washing machines have gradually become consumers.

    Noise reduction is a system engineering

    The silent design of washing machine is a system engineering, such as the coordination of waterway system, drive system, control system and vibration balance system. Because the washing machine not only uses electricity, but also needs water, it is difficult to achieve satisfactory mute effect only in a certain system. In addition to the configuration of variable frequency motor noise reduction, the optimization design of each system of the whole machine is also very important.

    Siemens: Night washing becomes a selling point

    Siemens washing machine has been in the leading position in the industry in silent technology, and is committed to bring comfort and humanized use to consumers. In 1997, Siemens electric appliances first launched the silent washing machine, and its silent washing case was applied in China in 1998. Siemens Home Appliances launched the 3D positive and negative washing series washing machine in 2009. It has night washing function, which is suitable for washing cotton or chemical fiber fabrics. When washing, it presents low-noise operation mode, automatically turns off the program prompt sound, and creates a quiet sleep environment. It really brings quiet and quiet home environment for consumers. Even washing clothes at night will not affect family rest.

    Midea: optimizing product structure design

    The vibration and noise of washing machine has always been one of the difficult problems in industry research, especially in drum washing machine. Midea series washing machine ensures the stable operation of washing machine by optimizing product structure design and adopting damping and mute equipment.

    Taking the 10 kg Beverly drum washing machine developed by cygnet and general motors of the United States as an example, this series of washing machines adopts advanced 6-point balance damping system and Emerson frequency conversion motor with high efficiency and energy saving, which can keep the product quiet operation no matter day or night.

    Frequency conversion products enter the fast lane of development

    The application of frequency conversion technology and materials can make the enterprise develop rapidly with the rapid growth of the market. At present, frequency conversion washing machine is the representative of enterprise image. However, with the change of people's consumption concept and the development of the industry, the frequency conversion washing machine will be popularized rapidly.

    At present, the washing machine with frequency conversion technology is welcomed by consumers for its advantages of low noise, wide washing range and energy saving. It can be predicted that the washing machine industry will enter the background of technology competition

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