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    Energy saving problems of automatic industrial washing machine

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    Automatic industrial washing machine is a kind of efficient equipment for cleaning clothes. Our company's mechanical products, industrial washing machines, for the majority of hotels, hotels, hospitals, schools, troops, factories and other institutions that need to clean a large number of fabrics have brought gospel. With the industrial washing machine, a large number of fabrics can be cleaned at one time, and it is more efficient and energy-saving. The price of industrial washing machine is generally determined by the capacity and quality, so what specific factors determine the price of industrial washing machine? 1. The cleaning power of industrial washing machine: the cleanliness of washing clothes is the first factor to be considered, and it is also an important technical index of industrial washing machine. It is also the concern of laundry staff in purchasing industrial washing machines. The factors affecting the cleaning power are generally related to the industrial washing machine itself. When purchasing, we must have a comprehensive, systematic and in-depth understanding of the technical parameters. Avoid the situation of insufficient cleaning power in the process of use due to various reasons. 2、 Energy saving of industrial washing machine: energy saving is a topic that our country attaches importance to in recent years. Environmental damage is increasingly affecting people's normal production work, even causing casualties and huge property losses. Industrial washing machine is a big water user. Water saving is not only for the consideration of environmental protection and energy saving, but also closely related to the later operation cost. So when choosing to buy Industrial washing machine, you should know the water consumption clearly. Choose an energy-saving and efficient industrial washing machine, don't just look at the low price of the industrial washing machine, and cause the later maintenance cost to increase. Consumers can't only care about the price of industrial washing machines when they buy equipment. Although the price of industrial washing machines has a great impact on consumers' purchase, we should consider the reliability, environmental protection and energy-saving characteristics of products in the process of use.

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